29 July 2008

4th of July...a little late

My (Kristin) parents came down for the 4th of July and we had a great time with them. When the nation dials 911, they call Bragg, so what better place to celebrate our nation's freedom than a military post. Thousands of people gathered 'round to enjoy the Golden Knights, the most elite Army skydivers in the world, a free outdoor concert by the charming Wynonna Judd, a canon salute for each of the state flags and our nation's flag, and fireworks under the North Carolina sky. Let's make it a tradition, y'all! You are all welcome to do this next year with us.

**Disclaimer: I took pictures on my parents' camera so they have all of the ones with us in them, so I borrowed these from the archives:)**

Where's Waldo?

They shot a canon for each state, that's a lot of "boom's!" They named each state, their flag, the state's nickname, and when they joined the Union. It felt like we were back in colonial times.

The Golden Knights all landed in the middle of the field where we all marinated the talent of these men and women.

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