18 April 2012

DIY Baby Legs (Version I)

This version of the do-it-yourself leggings for your baby is the easiest one out there! You just need a pair of girls' knee high socks, a pair of scissors, some pins, and a sewing machine.

Line up your socks and cut a straight line, snipping off the heel and the toe of the socks and discard. The foot and the leg of the sock will be used to make the legging.

Fold the foot of the sock in half, right side of the sock facing out (just like you'd see the sock on your foot). Slide it over the leg of the sock and line up the fabric so you are looking at 3 even layers. The foot part of the sock will become a cuff at the top of the legging. Pin all 3 layers together.

Sew a seam around the sock and, preferably, an overseam or finishing stitch so that the fabric will not fray. If you can't do this on your machine, you can just leave 1/2 - 1/4 inch seam allowance and cut off the excess with some pinking shears. Because you are working with stretchy material, I also recommend increasing the stitch length to 2.5-3 to maintain your stretch in the cuff.

Congratulations, you have made one baby leg! Repeat and enjoy them on your sweet little one!

*Note: Girls' knee highs will work best until baby is around 12 months. You may use a womens' sock for a baby who is a little older, or more pudgy.

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