13 February 2012

Baby/Kids' Closet Organizer

What is it about having an organized closet? They say that it's our small attempt to take back control of other areas in our life, but I just think it makes life easier. Especially a baby's closet! They grow out of clothes so fast sometimes I found an outfit for Josiah that was already too small for him that he never wore.

I saw this idea on Pinterest and had to do it. Very simple and very efficient. I love it.

Decorative scrapbook paper, wooden or foam "O's" (depending on if your hanging rod slides out of your closet. Mine does not.)
Scissors, pencil, foam letter/number stickers

Cut a slit on the bottom of the "O" so it will slide around your rod and voila! Instant super cute dividers

For baby girl, by month

Couldn't leave out my favorite little guy!

1 comment:

Jessica Perry said...

Love, love, love! I really should do this one. And your step-by-step tutorial is great:) Nice work, Kris!

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