14 July 2015

IL Home Part I

The mothership has landed! After a very long month of transition, travel, and visiting family, we are happily planted in western Illinois near the Quad Cities. We love the house we'll call home for the next few years, and the kids wasted no time in making memories we'll take with us when we go. Josiah is officially training wheel-free, and Micah is rolling over (5 1/2 months). There is always something to do, whether it's swimming, playing in the driveway, riding the four-wheeler, or with all their new (again) toys (it's like Christmas to open their packed boxes!). 

Here's Part I of the tour...upstairs, except for bedrooms we are still unpacking. We feel more than blessed to live here, be in the country, and have room to stretch our legs! 


1 comment:

Kimberly Power said...

The house is amazing Kristin!! Love the way you decorate!!!

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