09 December 2011

Birch Box

Recently I found a blog I really enjoy, and through Kate I found Birch Box, which is a monthly delivery to your home of deluxe beauty products. As a lover (and sucker) of all things beauty and cosmetics, I was intrigued. $10 a month gets you a sample of high end beauty products for your skin and hair according to a beauty profile you create on their website. So I decided to give it a try. And, oh my gosh, was I excited when it arrived in mailbox a few days later. I'm not sure I will be able to do it every month, but it is so fun to try something new and possibly a must-have for your beauty regimen. I will describe my first birch box below.

I don't know what it is, but my sisters can attest to this, too. You hit a certain point in your pregnancy, around 7 or 8 months, where you feel so ugly and fat that you need a change in your life. A new haircut or color, beauty product or, in my case, both. My hair appointment is tomorrow and I think I'm going to go for bangs for the first time in my life. Ever. I have always had very curly hair, so the closest thing I could come to was layers that still tucked behind my ears. Now that my hormones have drastically changed and it appears I'm passing my curls to the next generation, my hair is left straight and boring, if I might add. Did anyone else who was ever pregnant or a new mommy feel this way, too? I know I'm not alone out there.

I got my birch box and decided to make myself wait until this morning to open it.

1. The POREfessional by Benefit Cosmetics. This is supposed to camouflage visible pores with this velvety face primer. I put it on after I moisturized this morning, and knew it'd be my favorite product of all of them. It really did go on like velvet and covered up my reddish tint and big pores around my nose area.

2. Harvey Prince "Ageless" perfume. This is the scent I've been looking for that I always ask women who smell delicious what they are wearing. It is a very fresh, clean scent, but doesn't smell like your linen closet. Very yummy.

3. Jouer Moisturizing Lip Gloss in Birchbox Pink. To be honest, I haven't tried this yet because I like to cover Josiah in kisses when he wakes up and I didn't want to cover him in a fuchsia shade of lip gloss. But, you better believe I will be sporting it to the grocery store when he wakes up from his nap. I'm so lame.

4. L'Oreal lProfessionnel Mythic Oil claims it boosts shine and beats frizz before or after styling. I haven't tried it yet, but you betcha I will when I wash my hair...next week. :)

5. Bonus! Show Stoppers Designer Fashion tape and Recharge Energy Boost with a mega dose of nutrients. To be determined at a later date, when I actually go on a date. Ha!

Okay, this is not a birch box product, but my new eyeliner from Makeup Forever (Aqua Eyes in black). I have heard this eyeliner does everything but take out the garbage when it comes to what a girl wants in an eyeliner. I tried it this morning and I dare say, it lives up to every hype created around it. When you run out of your crappy pencil or liquid liner, this is both combined. Get it at Sephora (ours is inside our JC Penney).

Here's what my hair and makeup look like with my new fun products and an easy, baking-day hair style I borrowed from Kate.


leetolles said...

Thanks for turning me on to allthesmallthings.com. Kate's hair styles are perfect for my hair and her blog is great! Appreciate the great recommendation.


Jessica Perry said...

I want a birch box!! I may need to sign up for this. I'm a sucker for beauty products too:) Like the hairstyle. Can't wait to see the new 'do!

Diane said...

I want a birch box too! How fun!!

SKR said...

Nice to see comments from another BirchBox newbie like myself :]

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