08 December 2011

Deck the Halls

This year we had our Christmas tree up the weekend before Thanksgiving. Being that we are a military family and usually doing a lot of traveling over the holidays, we wanted to be able to enjoy our holiday trimmings before we head north to be with family. Since I'm pretty sure we were the first people in our city to buy a Christmas tree, there was no cutting it down at a tree farm, but rather, picking it out at a Home Depot parking lot. Really sentimental, I know. I hope someday we will be closer to a tree farm, but I don't even know if they exist this far south!

Anywhoo.....we had a lot of fun because Josiah was more than interested in why there was a big tree in our living room. He loved helping hang (and pull off) the decorations, and within the first day of having it in the house, pulled it over. I was at church when it happened, but John assured me that it didn't fall on him, and it was for that reason we decided a smaller tree would do us just fine this year. Within the last few days, he's become unnervingly brave around the tree. So, without further ado I decided to post some pictures.

I can't say it feels like Christmas around here, because North Carolina is still having days in the 70 degree range, so we're ready to head north singing "White Christmas."

Idea adapted from Pinterest.com

Can't get enough of burlap and jute webbing, my garland in the tree this year.

I got this idea from my sister. Wrap your mantle picture like a present in, of course, burlap. Thanks, Bec!

Josiah helping trim the tree. He hung up his Classic Pooh "1st Christmas" ornament and I will soon make a mold of his hand for this year's ornament.

Josiah loves the plastic Nativity I picked up at an antique store in town. He loves to hold and kiss "Baby Jesus." I hope he's this sweet with his new sister!

I wanted to share my new frame I made out of recycled fabric, jute webbing, and twine. If you like it, there are more ideas here, at the Nate Berkus show.

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