05 December 2011

Reeeewind Thanksgiving

My parents (Kristin) came down for Thanksgiving, which was amazing considering we didn't have any plans this year and have a hard time traveling 800 miles for a long weekend. My parents are troopers, though. They packed their brand new Honda Odyssey to the brim with furniture and presents for Josiah. It was great to see them and know we would be up north in a few weeks for Christmas. Josiah had some good bonding time with both Grandpa and Grandma. "Bapa" and "Meme" were their nicknames and I think they both might stick.

My mom bought Josiah two of his new favorite things. A step stool with an airplane on it and a big boy bean bag chair (I didn't get a picture of this, but every night he drags it into the living room and plops down on it). By far, his favorite thing is to carry that step stool all over the house and get into trouble. It's given him a lot more independence, but it's also made me a little paranoid about a hot stove or the soap dispenser on the bathroom counter. He can reach just about everything now, including John and my toothbrush. If I need 10 minutes to put my makeup on, I just turn on a trickle of water and ask Josiah if he wants to brush his teeth. Hopefully it will lead to some good hygiene habits.

Thanks for coming to visit and play with Josiah. Can't wait to see you next weekend!

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