04 December 2011

St. Barbara's Day Ball

Truth be told, when I find out there is another army ball to attend my first reaction is, "Here we go again." I have to buy a dress, get a babysitter, pay a lot for a meal that is just mediocre, and dance the electric slide one more time (Okay, I secretly STILL love the electric slide..hehe). I take for granted the opportunity to rub elbows with our nation's finest men and women, especially my #1, John. He doesn't ever have to think about what to wear, because the Army does that for him. But it's been so fun seeing him in dress blues over the past 4 years or so and every time there are a couple more ribbons or awards pinned on his dress blues. I am very proud of him and now as we reevaluate our future in the military, I am learning to enjoy opportunities like this. I mean, really, when was the last time you went to a ball? :)

Saying that, it was an hour away at Pinehurst Country Club, one of the most beautiful and cozy places for this venue of 745 Field Artillery soldiers and their spouses. They had a replica of the antique village made out of gingerbread and Christmas trimmings around every corner. I wore a comfortable dress that matched my personality, colorful, because being 7 1/2 months pregnant limits one's options for formal gowns. I pulled the "I'm pregnant, I'll wear what I want card," and I'm so glad I did. I was warm, comfortable, and my feet didn't hurt at the end of the night.

The club was lit with the word "Pinehurst" in Christmas lights as we approached the pull through.

John and some of his commander buddies.

Here's the list of what it took to make the gingerbread village. It's probably too small to read, but some highlights are: 80 pounds of gingerbread, 10 pounds of graham cracker crumbs, 30 packs Big Red gum, 400 pounds of white Royal icing, and 300 pounds of rice krispies treats.

Am I the only one who loves country club bathrooms? I could get used to using warm towels and floor to ceiling mirrors. I could hang out in here and read a book. :)

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Kris said...

Haha First, you look AMAZING.. I hope some day I can be as cute as you are (always but especially) pregnant!

And, I secretly also love the electric slide and country club bathrooms.. they're awesome!


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