02 December 2012

Santa Baby

Santa came early this year because he knew we would be up north on Christmas.  He was so thoughtful to let the kids play with their new toys for a while before their mommy and daddy jerked them out of their hands and lug them 14 hours in a mini van.  We always start the morning with a photo of the kids on the steps before they come downstairs.  Josiah was excited this year because he learned that if he was a good boy, Santa would bring him presents.  
 Kids with their favorites: tractor (no surprise there) and Brooklyn's first baby doll
 In fact, Josiah and Brooklyn were excited about her baby doll.  
 Until, he found this in the garage.  We tried to tell Santa it was too much, but he insisted and told us he got a really good Black Friday deal on them at the North Pole.
 Needless to say, we were outside most of the beautiful day playing and learning to steer/press the gas pedal without hitting innocent bystanders.  
 This was Mommy & Daddy's favorite gift this year.  Merry 1st Christmas, Brooklyn.  We love you, and Josiah, so much!!

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