27 May 2010

Week 2,3, and My Very First Bath!

John's parents and my Grandma Abbs came down (and up) from Illinois and Florida for a visit last week. Josiah is John's parents' first grandbaby so, needless to say, they were excited to see him. They were a big help with Josiah and helping around the house, as I was still not wanting to cook (or clean, do laundry, etc.:) Thank you for coming, guys. We loved having you!

This is one of my favorite faces Josiah makes. When he stretches he pouts his little platypus lips and gives it all he's got...adorable every time.

I'm 3 weeks today!

I had my first bath last night. I did really well and loved the water, at first. Then I got hungry and just wanted to eat.:)

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The Leivas said...

Kristen, I just found your blog via Diane's blog. LOVE IT. Love seeing how much josiah is changing already. I hope you're getting enough sleep to be able to enjoy it. Hope you're doing well!
Laurie Leiva

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