15 May 2010

First Week At Home

Josiah's first car ride...yup, he slept the whole way home.  
Welcome home, Josiah.  We have so much to show you!

I love my Grandpa & Grandma Perry!
Sponge Bath...waiting for that darn umbilical cord to fall off so I can take a real bath. 
Miss Beth came to see me this week (Mommy's co-worker)
Miss Diane and Julian came to visit, too!

My parents have to work while they go anywhere, and recently they've watched a lot of HGTV's Yard Crashers.  So the big project for the weeks they were here was to landscape part of our front lawn and put in a beautiful flower bed with globe arborvitaes, lillies, a gardenia, hostas, and more.  Here are a few pics of them hard at work, and me sitting on the front porch. :)

Joshy came, too!
Smiley boy :)

Great Grandma came to visit me from Florida

4 generations!
He has changed in 1 week.  He focuses really well and has intense eyes.  He is very strong, trying to hold his neck up, and he's trying to coo a bit.  


rebeccavalentine said...

oh my goodness, so cute. i'm in love with hi cheeks and his chin! i want to see some more pics of your lanscaping you did. u have before and after pics?

The Power Family said...

He is precious Kristin! I would love to bring you over a meal and meet him!! Let me know!! =)

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