03 July 2012

Toddler Busy Bag Exchange Party

This post is for my local friends!  I'm happy to host a Toddler Busy Bag Exchange Party soon and all of you are invited!  I found a list of great toddler activities to develop gross and fine motor skills, as well as begin their educational journey by learning the basics: ABC's, numbers, colors, and shapes.  My goal has been to keep my kids busy without the TV on all day and, let's face it, you can only do Play Doh or color for a couple minutes a day.  So, I found these ideas to help us get started!
Since most of my local friends have toddlers, we'll focus on 2 and under activities and later, maybe be can do this as a pre-K idea!  Here's the gist:
You will make X number of identical bags (such as: 12 color wheel bags) for everyone in our swap.  The goal is to put together your activity for no more than $1 per bag, so no one goes broke!  Saying that, please keep in mind these activities need to hold up to a little toddler abuse, so make sure they are sturdy ideas.  I will close sign ups on Friday, July 13 (easy to remember!) so we know exactly how many bags to make and we'll exchange them on Friday, July 27.  I'm flexible on the exchange date, so please don't feel you can't participate if this date doesn't work for you.  We can always exchange for you and get you all the materials!  I'll contact everyone who signs up by e-mail.  
There are a lot of fun activities to choose from.  We've tried a few so far and all have been winners.  The links to each activity is provided, but feel free to modify the idea as you feel is needed.  You can also sign up at the bottom of the lists for something completely different if you have an idea you'd rather do.  
- Keep each bag under $1.  Ideas can and should be adapted to be as low-cost as possible while still being functional. Price out your materials, save bottles and other household items, and shop around with coupons if necessary!  The idea is not to break the bank!  - You do NOT need to laminate any papers included.  We can each laminate everything we receive if we chose to. 

- Put together the quality kind of bag you would want to receive in return. This is really important to remember! Of course we want to be cheap but we also want the activity to hold up to toddler use.                                                                   -Put your activity into a gallon-sized bag if possible. As you put together your activity, keep in mind that it should be easy to pull out and use, so include anything you can to make the activity complete. 
Contact me if you have questions. SIGN-UPS OPEN!  Please share this with other local friends with toddlers!
I've pinned the website from which the ideas came: Pinterest, or you can go directly to this link.  

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