03 July 2012

26 Months & 4 Months

 Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights with whom there is no variation or shadow due to change. ~James 1:17

Brooklyn's 4 month stats:
Height: 24.69 in (82%)
Weight: 14.2 lbs (79%)
Head Circumfrence: 40.5 cm (51%)

Watch Brooklyn roll over for the first time and "talking" up a storm.  She's recently discovered her feet and continues to be Mommy's little cuddle buddy.  She loves her big brother and to fly in the air.  

Most pictures of Josiah are blurry because he's always on the go. 
 But once in a while...
 He lets me get a good shot of his beautiful smile.  He is the cutest little boy I know. :)
Speaking of talking up a storm, he's trying new words every day and becoming more and more a protective big brother, which is fine by me.  He is such a good little boy and starting to listen really well.  He loves to do simple tasks to help me take care of Brooklyn.  He is entering the toddler "say it 10 times in a row" stage, just to make sure it's right.  I love seeing him getting more and more independent, but I also realize how fast time is flying and pretty soon he'll be off to school.  I'm starting to do a lot more activities with him, toddler "school," if you will.  He loves all the activities so far, and I'll be sharing some soon on the blog!    

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