06 October 2008

big girl

chula got her first big girl haircut yesterday.  she was really scruffy.  the last time i took her to the vet, the nurse told me "just so you know, we have a groomer, in case you ever need one."  well i took the hint, and now she's officially a big girl.


james and emily said...

What a great picture of you and John! ...and Chula looks adorable as ever. I'm glad to hear all is well down in Fayetteville. Enjoy your week-and the cooler fall weather that is coming our way!

love from Raleigh

Perry's said...

Chula is sooo much bigger! She's too cute and I can't wait to see her in person. And NICE BLOG, love the changes.

ervalentine said...

Wow...blogger extroidinair :) I need to update mine. Chula is so big. I can't believe it. She's really cute :)

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