09 January 2010

Christmas in Michigan

This was a tough Christmas, being that my husband was over 7,000 miles away and not able to celebrate the holidays with family.  Lucky for me, I was able to go to MI for 2 weeks, visit family, and play with all my little nieces and nephews.  I had so much fun with them.  All of them have such unique personalities and it's such a joy watching them all grow up.  Most of the time we relaxed around the house, but I was also able to visit with a few friends, as well as register at Babies R Us.  I'm sure I'll need to go back, but I wanted my sister to go with me, since she has recently had a baby and could tell me what I will need for our upcoming arrival.   

Lilly, making me b-e-a-utiful...she is all girl

Lilly & Jack spent the night, Lilly and I had a dance party.  Lilly had to try on ALL of our old dance costumes and prance around in them.  I was sooo tired that night, but what fun!

Glam Girls

Jack Jack is such a little cutey, and just as sweet of a little boy

Blake is as crazy as ever...he's becoming more of a cuddle bug, giving lots of x's and o's

Grandpa playing ping-pong...we didn't know he played until Dad put a railing on the stairs so he could come down to play!

Layla, the lovebug...she would literally run from person to person, giving hugs and kisses.  She's a climber, watch out Becky & Eric!

Jess & Iris...Iris is turning into a super cutie and will not let you put her down.  She is definitely going to break some boys' hearts.

Lilly & the customary stocking orange...didn't everybody get an orange?!

My baby #1 & I on Christmas morning

Jordan on Santa's lap...he was so brave!

Lilly & Jack, telling Santa what they wanted for Christmas

Jordan & my spike hairdo...I tried to spend a lot of time with Jordan, because he really doesn't know me very well.  We created a secret handshake and he wanted to do it over & over and laughed so hard every time...we bonded.  

Jess & I...don't you love her new 'do?  

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