19 March 2010

3 in 1 post

We've had something almost every weeknight the past few weeks, so this is more like 3 posts in 1.  I am almost 34 weeks but these prego pics were taken sometime last week.  I found a Cubs maternity shirt, which is now John's favorite shirt I own, maternity or not!

We had an Army All-Ranks ball last weekend, which was really fun.  It was on a Friday, so I was pretty tired.  But, we stayed long enough to have some good conversation with great people, eat a delicious meal, and even dance (just one song;).  

We've been taking childbirth classes on post every Tuesday and Thursday, given by an RN who has 4 children of her own and more than 2 decades of experience working with women who are having babies.  The topics have been very informative, and we feel more prepared for labor and taking home a newborn from the hospital.  John had to practice swaddling and changing a diaper on a baby doll.  He's ready!

The headphones are actually on my belly and I think it soothed both baby and mommy to sleep

John with Captain Leiva and Chief Cruz

A friend with John, all dressed up 

My stretchy, sexy (ha!) dress for the ball (**I'm not feeling too sexy these days**)

My handsome hubby & I

I am soooo thankful for "expectant mothers" parking spots 

Gonna be a good daddy!

Don't tell him I posted these pics...he'd kill me!:)


Alison said...

I love your belly!! I miss mine. I loved being pregnant and felt super sexy. I know kinda weird.

Melissa Hoffman said...

you are STUNNING!! So excited to see that little one. I am excited for our classes too and hope we are as informed as ya'll were :)

breanna said...

Kristin! You are such an elegant pregnant mommy, even in a Cubs t-shirt! I cannot wait to meet this little one -- with such striking parents, this kiddo will be knock-out!

rebeccavalentine said...

looking good! i'm laughing at the pics of john :)

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