19 April 2010

38 Weeks and Day 1 at home

Today is my first official day off work.  I finished last week emotionally and physically drained, yet totally blessed by all the love from the teachers and students toward me, and Baby G (our name for baby at school).  Two classes threw baby showers for me, and the teachers had a shower for me after school on Friday, my last day as a Spanish teacher (for "who knows" how long...).  

I have been really emotional lately.  It has come and gone in waves during my pregnancy.  I will hug John sometimes and just start bawling for no reason.  I almost don't want him to see me, because I have no explanation, just that I am overwhelmed with emotions.  

I am excited, nervous, and just plain overwhelmed that any day now, we could have a baby ____ (boy or girl) home with us, and we'll officially be 3, instead of two.  I feel so blessed to have had such a healthy pregnancy, and all I can do is pray and give God the control of the baby's health.  I feel the "mommy" worry creeping up on me already, and I know God has already taught me so much about His love for us through this process of becoming a mommy.  

Just a thought or two on my first day as a stay at home soon-to-be mommy.  

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Specks said...

You've been in the marathon of your life and you're almost finished...hang in there! I'll be praying for you these last few weeks. I'm so excited for you guys!

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