04 May 2010

Coins for Children

I wanted to post about something that has really impacted John & I this past month.  It's called Coins For Children.  Our pastor preached a series the month of April called "In the Name of Love," where he challenged the church body to serve the community by random acts of no-strings-attached kinds of revolutionary love.  The last sermon he preached about the ever-growing problem of human trafficking in our world, including the USA, and launched a month-long campaign to raise coins for children.  100 % of the proceeds would benefit two ministries that actually save thousands of (mostly) women and children from the trafficking trade each year.  The goal was set: $15,000 for a church with over 5,000 members...$3 dollars a person is all.  

The offering was taken last week and they reported that, through donations on the website, as well as the offering in all 8 services, that they raised over $55,000.  John and I had been saving change for a while, and we were able to give $37.  I know many, including John & I, will continue to save our coins to donate for this ongoing problem of human trafficking.  

Pray with us that this money is multiplied and God uses it to rescue those who are, literally, being led away to their death.  


Every day, children are exploited for sex in a multi-billion dollar world-wide industry.  We cannot sit by and know that 2 million children a year a sold into bondage and, many, into sexual slavery.  Coins for Children is a ministry of Manna Church (www.mannachurch.org) to raise funds to support ministries who deal with this problem - head on.  By focusing on the demand - catching and arresting those who perpetrate these heinous acts - we aim to fulfill the command of Proverbs 24:11 - "Rescue those who are staggering towards death."

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