18 May 2011

Grandpa & Grandma G visit!

The weekend of John and Josiah's birthday party, Grandpa and Grandma Germanceri paid us a visit from Greenville, Illinois! They came for a long weekend and we kept them busy from the minute they stepped out of the car. We went on lots of walks, decorated and baked for the party, and Momma G helped take care of Si so I could get ready for the party. I was spinning like a Tazmanian devil, because John was out in the field for the entire week leading up to their arrival. He actually got home 20 minutes before they got here on Thursday! We had a lot of fun, and the party wouldn't have been the same with you, guys. Thank you so much for trekking all the way here. Lots of love and hugs to you!!


Jessica Perry said...

awww, cute pics:)

Specks said...

John's parents are great--and you gotta love the extra love & help from good ol' grandparents :)

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