24 May 2011

Josiah, blow your horn!

If you don't know my husband very well, all you need to do is talk to him for a few minutes about his hobbies and he will tell you all about growing up duck hunting in Illinois, "right in the middle of the Mississippi flyway" (whatever that means)! He loves to practice his duck calls, in the car, by himself. As you can imagine, they can get pretty loud and, if I'm being honest, pretty annoying. But, he loves it, and is great at it (calling and shooting ducks)!

The first time Josiah heard John on the duck call, we didn't know how he'd react. He didn't really know what to think but, after a few seconds, he grabbed the call and stuck it back in John's mouth to continue. Si couldn't get enough of it, and it goes without saying that John was beyond ecstatic. Then, it happened. One day, instead of putting the call back in Daddy's mouth...

CLICK HERE to watch Daddy's proudest day!!!!!!!!!!

1 comment:

Jessica Perry said...

That video was adorable! And I did love John's grin...what a proud papa!

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