05 May 2011

on my own

Josiah has been walking for a few weeks now. I haven't posted about it yet, because I have been in denial. I'm not the kind of mom who can't wait for the next milestone her baby accomplishes. I wouldn't believe when Josiah turned over, crawled, or took his first steps. They were all "flukes" to me. Well, about 3 weeks ago (gotta look back in my journal) he legitimately took his first 4 or 5 steps while I was on the phone with my sister. A few hours later, we surprised Daddy by waiting for him in the driveway and letting Josiah walk to him as he got out of the car.

He was a little scared to walk after that, for a few weeks, until he began again only this time, practically running. Yep, I cried. And I laughed. I really am happy for him, and me. I pulled a muscle in my lower back (Doc says from carrying him but I don't know) and was on muscle relaxers for a few weeks...ha!

We spend a LOT of time outside these days. If I open the door for any reason, it's over. Josiah has to go outside or will proceed to scream and throw a tantrum (uh oh terrible twos, we're starting early). It's a win-win because I get a tan and work on my flowers and cleaning up my garage while he rams around in the driveway and the yard.

Josiah loves to push his walker around, help me water the flowers, pop the heads off the dandelions in the yard (and my daisies!), play in the dirt, eat the dirt, dip the wood chips in dirt and eat them, pretty much anything to do with getting dirty! I do, too. He is, as they say, "ALL BOY!!!" My boy. :)


Cathy & Lauren Jones said...

What a cutie, and so serious, I love his little concerned look! You have a little heart breaker on your hands : ).

mike said...

I didn't know he was walking! How fun! Happy Birthday tomorrow Josiah!!!

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