03 October 2011


From the blog buzz I've been reading, fall is most people's favorite time of year. Cool winds, warmed hearths, leaves underfoot, and of course pumpkin flavored everything. Well folks, I join the long list of those cool people, because everything fall makes me happy. The colors, not so much here in NC as in MI, layering my earth-tone pregnancy clothes, etc...it all adds to up to wonderfall. Here are some of the things we've been doing now that the weather is fi.nal.ly cooling down.

Every trip outside usually means Josiah will want to "drive" the truck. This is, by FAR, one of his favorite things. I could leave him in the truck and clean my entire house (That is, if the neighbors wouldn't call the police on me for child neglect).

Josiah loves any sport with a "ball," so we spend a lot of time hitting the ball off the tee, kicking a soccerball, or chasing daddy with a football. I can't wait until he's old enough to play team sports. Okay, I can wait, but I'm looking forward to it!

Chilling with the windows and doors wide open, watching cartoons. Last weekend John was hunting pheasant in Pennsylvania on the "Annual Brothers' Hunt" and we rented Josiah's new favorite movie, "Rio." If you and your kiddos haven't seen it, just buy it because it'll play on repeat. We watched it twice and followed it up with a dance party both times. The music is so great.

John took off Monday and we had good family time together after a long weekend apart. We decided to seize the day and visit our local Botanical Gardens. I'm not sure why it was our first time, but we'll definitely go back in the spring. Good times.

Momma and Josiah pose in the Botanical Gardens. Love my baby boy.

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