07 November 2011

25 Weeks

25 Weeks Pregnant with Josiah

25 Weeks Pregnant with Baby Girl

I cannot believe how fast this pregnancy flying by. I took my first belly picture this week, whereas my last pregnancy I started taking pictures at week 7. I am just as excited to be having baby #2, and not to mention a girl! Definitely feeling further along this time around, but 'tis normal, so they say. I am enjoying every day with just Si and I, because I realize things are going to soon change forever. Having 3 older siblings, all with multiple children, I am a little nervous from the transition to having two kids under 2 years old. I am feeling very healthy and everything is going as smoothly as possible (again) with this pregnancy so far. My prayer is that it continues, because I couldn't have had a better experience with my pregnancy and delivery with Josiah.

Baby girl is kicking a lot, mostly at times throughout the day when I sit down to relax or lie down in bed at night. Josiah was the opposite, kicking and spinning all day and night, so maybe we'll have ourselves a laid back, mellow little chica, just like her momma. Haha! Here's hoping!

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