20 November 2011

Annual Brothers' Hunt

Every year John and my brothers, as well as some friends from Pennsylvania and their brothers, go on some kind of hunting expedition for a long weekend in the fall. I love how important this tradition has become for all of them to set aside time to get together and do what they love to do...hunt and fish, among other things I'll probably never know about.

The last few years John has taken so much pride in the "Bro Hunt" that he's purchased some kind of memorabilia for all the brothers to remember the trip. Last year he designed a t-shirt for all of them and this year he searched the internet for the perfect hunting hat and had them all embroidered with "Bro Hunt '11" for all the guys. The last few years they have been going to a reservation in Pennyslvania to hunt pheasant. Here are just a few of many memories that were made that weekend.

Just a warning: John chose the pictures for this post. Sorry if it grosses you out!

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