02 August 2012

27 & 5 Months

The move...I am so proud of Josiah because he is now sleeping in his big boy bed 100% of the time.  We started this month just with naps for a week and all night on a weekend.  I expected it to be a much harder transition, but Josiah surprisingly has been on almost the exact same schedule, even though he can get out of bed all by himself.  It was this month, also, that we walked into bed, versus me carrying him to bed.  He is turning into a little boy and I'm only seeing little traces of my baby at certain times.  I am happy he's becoming so independent and realizing that the "letting go" is gradual and it starts now.  

He's a funny little man, always saying or doing something for a laugh, even if it's just one of his many funny faces.  He especially loves to make Brooklyn laugh.  He's becoming more and more tender and loving to his "baby sissy," as he affectionately calls her.   
Brooklyn is growing like a weed, and a pretty one at that.  She has had a huge growth spurt this month and, for a while, wasn't sleeping the greatest at night.  She's the opposite of Josiah: laid back and mellow, but not quite as good a sleeper.  She is just now getting the hang of it and, although she's a little night owl, she's sleeping in until 5 or 6, which is improvement!
I had a sleepy baby during our photo shoot today.  She wouldn't let go of that thumb! :)
We also started cereal this past week, which she's really enjoying.  She doesn't have the hang of it just yet, but she loves the taste and wants more!

I am enjoying these days more than ever.  Brooklyn makes me want to have more babies just like her, but we'll see if I feel that way a couple years from now!

Here's a sweet video of the kids playing today in Brooklyn's crib today.  I hope they always get along this well.  

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