29 October 2012

Tumbling Tots

Josiah has had so much fun making new friends this month at his tumbling class on post.  He asks almost every day to go to his "class," and as soon as we walk out of class he says, "Next week again?"  We will miss this time when we move, but it's been great to see Josiah gain more independence and learn about being in a structured class and listening to his teacher, Miss Tiffany.  Josiah loves to show off for her, especially because he earns two stamps on his hands and a sucker at the end of class.  Brooklyn rides on my back and has fun, too!  

Josiah's favorite things to do are:
walking on the balance beam and jumping off it into a well of foam blocks
doing forward rolls
catapulting blocks off a parachute
going down the slide


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