13 February 2013

Brooklyn 11 Months

You have grown so much this month, sweet girl!  You now have 4 teeth (top and bottom middles) and more on the way.  You are exploring on all four's, walking with mommy and daddy, and cruising on furniture.  You love your indoor and outdoor walker, and I cherish these last days before you take off running after (or from) your brother.  You love to spend time outside, upstairs in the toy room, and hanging out on mommy or daddy's lap.  You've shown a lot more affection to daddy this month, reaching for him, and you get especially excited when he comes home from work.  Still sucking your thumb, making us laugh with your silly faces, and endearing everyone who sees you.  I can't tell you how many people stop and tell us how adorable you and Josiah are, and we end up talking with total strangers about our kids.  

You are also...
climbing/backing down stairs
mimicking many of the words we say (i.e., Josiah, cracker, hi, etc)
eating all table food
drinking from a sippy cup (since you stole Josiah's at 7 months)
holding up "1" finger when we ask, "How old are you?"
loving to facetime/skype with your Grandparents and cousins

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