21 February 2013

City Slickers

Presidents' Day Weekend we made the 6 hour jog north to the city to spend with friends, in church, and auditioning.  My sweet hubby signed me up to audition for "The Voice."  Nothing came of that except some new friends I hope to cheer on the show.  We planned to see more of the city since it was John's first visit.  But as it were, we had even better plans.  We were able to see and visit with some dear friends of ours.  Some who live in the city, some who are close by, and a family of a classmate of John. It was so nice to get some city life, go to Times Square Church, and just be among friends.  We are so thankful for these opportunities, especially in the times in which we live.  You never know when you'll get another chance, so we cherish special memories made this weekend.  Thank you to Joy & all our friends at TSC; Andrew, Diane, Julian, Haven; Jeff, Lindsey, and your wonderful family (and special thanks for watching Chula)!  Also, thank you sweetie, for trekking back to the hotel with two kids in tow.  It means the world to me that you believe in my dreams.   

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The Speck Family said...

That sounds like an awesome weekend trip--I hope something comes of your audition!

I worked with Times Square Church for a week during my SAU years--it was an amazing experience, love that place!

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