17 April 2013

fl through my eyes

florida was such a blessing to me, as a mommy, a daughter, a granddaughter, and as a wife.  john wasn't able to travel down, but gave me and the kids his blessing to go south with my parents for a week to visit my grandparents.  i'm so grateful to him for talking me into going.  i'm so grateful to my parents for coming to va and going out of their way to take us with them.  i'm grateful my dad endured the long drive home with me and the kids to continue on the next day to michigan.  i'm grateful to my grandma for hosting us, still such an amazing hostess even at 82 years old.  

i'm most grateful for the opportunity to see my grandpa, whose health has long been failing and, as i type, is nearing the end of his journey on this side of eternity.  i'll take with me the memories made last week of touching him, singing and praying with him, and reminiscing, as he still loved to do.  i'll remember my goodbye and him telling me he loves me and always will, and that i'm his sweetheart.  my kids constantly remind me how fast time goes and that life continues, but i'll cherish my time with my grandpa and hold on to the hope that i'll see him in someday in glory.
{thank you for your prayers for my family, especially my mom & her siblings, as well as my grandma}

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