29 April 2013

Metro Richmond Zoo

We have been so busy this spring, cramming in lots of visits to places we may never see again, like this place.  It's a scene out of the movie, "We Bought a Zoo," as it is privately owned and run.  We loved it because everything was close together and they had a lot of neat animals and fun things to do.  I accidentally deleted most of the pictures, but our favorite was taking a safari train ride and feeding the birds in the aviary.  

If Brooklyn looks excited, it's because she tried to grab every bird and I'm sure would've tried to stuff them in her mouth.  


The Speck Family said...

FUN!!! How much longer are you in Virginia?!

john & kristin said...

Our movers come next week and we are hoping to head to "north country" on Friday. We may be doing some traveling this summer, so let me know if you'll be spending any time in Greenville this summer. :)

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