03 June 2008

Heritage Day

A couple of days ago we celebrated Heritage Day to commemorate the history of John's batallion. It was such a thrill to meet all of the guys in John's platoon, see the vehicles and how they work, and even get to see an airborne mission and an air assault mission. I wore my "Proud Army Wife" tee shirt to support my soldier!

A chinook helicopter brings in a howitzer, a 15,000 lb. weapon used to fire rounds up to 20 miles in combat.
The howitzer with a crew of between 9-13 soldiers.

John by one of his platoon's vehicles...what a cutie!

This was a little more intimidating than the 16' Penske truck we drove from MI to NC.

A dummy wearing the full gear for a combat jump...looks heavy!

44 soldiers parachute from 2 shinook helicopters right before our very eyes!

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Perry's said...

Wow - so interesting! What an awesome experience to learn about this and even witness the ways in which our troops defend our country. So cool, Kris! Oh, got your message yesterday and will be calling today sometime to get more info on "buying years." Thanks for thinking of me and leaving that info on my phone. Miss you and Love you!!!

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