16 June 2008

Army Birthday 10-Miler

Before the race, about 5:30 a.m.
After the race...still smilin'!
Our first race together, woo hoo!

"10 miles?!" I asked John as I received his question to run more than I had ever run in my life. "In a week?"
"Yah, sweetie, do you want to run it with me?" John excitedly chimed.
"Can we talk about it when you get home from work?"
"Well, I kinda need to know right now..."
"Great, I'll see you tonight!"

This was the gist of our conversation last week when John convinced me in a very short conversation to push my body harder than it had in my almost 24 years. We have been wanting to do more charity road races together and instead of building up to 10 miles, we jumped right in. John finished in 1:18 and I panted across the finish at a record-breaking 1:47 but I realized I was capable of more than I thought (Phil. 4:13) and we're motivated to do more...after the soreness surpasses, of course.:)

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Becky said...

Hey John and Kristin! It looks like everything is going really well for you both :) Nathan and I have started a blog also, to keep up everyone and to keep track of milestones Kerith reaches, etc. I just wanted to let you know that we were thinking about you both and are glad to hear that things are going well!
Nathan and Becky

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