24 June 2008

Kristin turns the big 2-4!

On June 21st, I turned 24, yep, almost a quarter century. John couldn't wait for me to open up some of my presents, so on Friday he gave me some sweet Nike golf balls (by the way, our new hobby is golf), a sweet-smelling candle, and a softball so we could play softball catch and not always baseball catch (I can't throw a baseball). Then on Saturday he gave me a really nice athletic watch. The best and most amazing feature is that it is, get this, water resistant. Woo hoo! He surprised me with a breakfast birthday cake as well a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Also, he took me shopping in Raleigh and I picked out a new shirt. Then onto dinner. We went to P.F. Chang's, one of our fab food favorites where I was spoiled by both John and our cool waitress, Nicole. Overall, it was an extraordinary first birthday married to John, who set a high standard for next year:) Thanks for making my day so special with singing, "Happy Birthday Gus Gus" 's, texts, and cards. I love you all and we miss you. Love and prayers!

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