28 September 2008

We're sorry it's been so long since our last post.  Since then, John'ns laptop bombed out on us and we had been using our computers at work until last night-we are now iMac owners.  
There's a lot to learn about the Mac system, but so far we are loving it.

Since the last post, we have: 
*visited Myrtle Beach
*survived the threat of our first NC hurricane
*become more involved in our church through a small group and a mid-week service for 20 somethings
*played a lot with friends and neighbors (we've been blessed with awesome couples who live in our building, and from Jim and Emily in Raleigh)
*spent a lot of time exercising, going to the park, playing sports while the weather is still nice:)
*made 2 trips to the hospital: 1 for me, Kris, after running and having a severe allergy attack, and; 1 for John due to him flying into a fence on his rollerblades at max speeds.  We're both okay, thank God!  The above picture is him wearing his homemade sling. 

I also got a new camera so I'll be taking a lot more pictures and posting some of them for you all.  We know there's a lot that has happened in all of your lives and pray God's continual blessings and protection for you all.  See you soon!

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ervalentine said...

Thanks for updating finally. Make sure you take some pics of you too :)and your new computer and chula

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