28 September 2008

The New Girl at School

Many of you have asked how I am liking my job.  I must say I am enjoying my school and position a lot.  I have been blessed with a small school of 3rd-5th graders among a large district with 88 schools belonging to it.  There is a foreign language staff of about 100 people at our professional development, and the community in general is more open and aware of the benefits of learning a foreign language.  The school I'm teaching at, Ashley Elementary, is a foreign language academy, so I have received a ton of support from teachers and administration to reinforce language skills in other areas than just Spanish class.  I have a diverse crowd from many nations, and languages, and a lot of the kids have had Spanish since kindergarten and are amazing language learners.

We had a "Red, White, and Blue Day" on 9/11 to honor our heroes around the flagpole with a moment of silence and the singing of patriotic songs.  The kids are dolls, and they make it fun for me to go to work.  Here are a few of my "estudiantes."

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