15 December 2008

Annie, get your GUN

Part of one of my 7 clay pigeons

John hitting a low-flying bird...


i will say this, that thing gets HEAVY after a while!

My husband tells me that I am now a "complete woman" ever since I learned to shoot a 12-gauge shotgun this weekend.  John got a new Remington 870 as his Christmas present from my parents.  He could not wait to go out and try it, so Sunday afternoon we went to shoot clay pigeons.  

In 24 years of my life, I never thought I could shoot a gun that big and actually hit a target, much less one that was moving.  I must have a good teacher, because I hit 7!!  Of course, John did amazing.  I witnessed him shooting two crossing clay pigeons with a single shot.  I had heard, even read fairy tales of this majestic shooter.  Even so, my husband became more of a stud than I ever thought him to be.        

We had such a good time.  This was a first in the category of guns for us.  But, who knows?  Maybe I'll be the next "Annie Oakley."

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rebeccavalentine said...

lol...i can't believe you shot that thing. did it hurt your shoulder?

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