09 January 2009

Feliz Navidad

Merry Christmas and Happy 2009!!!  We were blessed to both have two weeks off to travel up north and see family.  We never take that time for granted, especially now that there are little ones who make the holidays so much fun!  We love and miss you already!

We went snowboarding with Eric and Becky, along with my cousin Christopher and his friend one evening at Timber Ridge.  It snowed non-stop and made for awesome snowboarding!  
my love...
Eric & Becky, who celebrated their 5th anniversary December 27...congratulations, guys!
"sisters, sisters...there were never such devoted sisters!"

Directors of the Christmas Program at school.  Mrs. Walters, the music teacher, and myself...:)
Chula led the charge home to MI for the 1st week of Christmas vacation

I know this shot is gross, but I thought it was so funny.  Chula likes to ride around my shoulders sometimes in the car. 

I was so excited to go out to eat with some of my "old" students who wanted to get together.  I miss them!!!

I helped Becky give Layle a bath...she is so precious!

It is official, we have a northern doggy.  She LOVED the snow!


Blake riding the horsey, Dra

future stud muffin...

Nothing beats the awful Christmas morning picture with no makeup:)

Jordan & Blakey, two of the best Christmas presents ever!

Our little reindeer...

Hunter Mike and Hunter John killed two deer in the back of Mike and Jess' house

Mom & Lilly

Jack was so adorable when he showed us his gun. "Booom!"

My little "lip gloss girl"

Celebrating Mom's 50th birthday at a Turkish restaurant in St. Louis, "Aya Sofia." The food was wonderful and we had a great time catching up.

Kristin and her fanatical tea fetish. This was authentic chai tea from Turkey...mmmmm!

Happy 50th Birthday to me!

Howdy, partner!

Our Chula's one desire...to play ball.

Hunter John and Hunter Kyle had a successful day of duck hunting.

Family photo op at our traditional restaurant, "Latawata Creek." This is no food chain, people.


Jessica Perry said...

Great pictures, Kris! We miss you!

Becky said...

it looks like you both had such a great two weeks at home! :) we will definitely have to get together and go snowboarding sometime!

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