10 February 2009

weekend michigan spree

this weekend i flew home for my close cousin, liz' baby shower.  she loves being pregnant, and it shows!  she was full of joy and beautiful as ever.

i also got a chance to see my middle school students from hanover-horton on friday.  it was so great seeing them!  

i had a great time relaxing with family, especially all our growing babies.  it is really hard to say goodbye to them because i know every time i see them they get more grown up.  i took the picture of the snow to show my students in n.c.

i must say a special thanks to the most amazing hubby in the world for sharing me this weekend with my michigan family.  thanks, babe! 

me, jess, liz, becky, and layla

liz & i

1 comment:

Allison said...

cute pics! Looks like you enjoyed your visit back in snowy Michigan:)

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