21 February 2009

A week in review

Valentine's Day:  On Saturday, John surprised me with a dozen beautiful roses.  We headed out to Raleigh to eat at P.F. Chang's, a favorite of ours.  It was the weekend of John's promotion to a first lieutenant, so we bought both of us some new clothes.  We had a really fun day at the mall and topped it all off by ordering Cheescake Factory cheesecake for the trip home. 

John's Promotion:  John is officially a 1LT.!!  Tuesday was his ceremony in front of his company.  His commander pinned his new rank on his beret and I on his chest.  There's an Army tradition of me punching him in the chest after pinning rank, so I gave him my mean right hook.  We got a lot of chuckles out of his company-they didn't know I'm a kickboxer..haha.  I'm proud of my baby!!

Ode to the Sinus:  By Monday I had a full-fledged sinus infection and stayed home Tuesday and part of the day Wednesday.  Thanks to some meds and lots of rest, I'm on the up and up.

Fiesta!:  My school is a foreign language academy, I try to honor 30 or so students each 9 weeks for their "outstanding achievement" in Spanish.  This 9 weeks we had it catered by a local Mexican restaurant, Mi Casita.  I tried to make it special for the kids, especially for some who, the only "Mexican" they'd had prior, was Taco Bell!  We had a great time. 

Chula Bear: Friday morning, Chula went into the vet for the most traumatic event of her short life.  She was spayed and had 3 of her 4 baby canines pulled.  She had grown her adult teeth and, at about a year, hadn't lost her babies yet.  She came through and is recovering at home with John and I for, what looks like, a nice and relaxing weekend!!


simply lauren xo said...

Thats awesome, Congrats Mr. G!

Glad your feeling better Profe! (you and Chula both (: )

The Power Family said...

Yah.. Congrats to John on his promotion!! Sounds like you had quite the week.. hope you and John had a nice relaxing weekend to cap off that week!! =]

Becky said...

Congratulations on John's promotion! How exciting :) It sounds like you all are doing well and keeping busy :)

Jessica Perry said...

Yes, congrats John!!! Miss you guys!

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