04 March 2009

March 5?....Already?!

We started Dave Ramsey's "Financial Peace University" class at church...we want to be DEBT FREE!!

Chula got her stitches out and is doing great. She also got a buzz this morning and is embracing her poodle roots. She was matted (my bad) and we decided to 'start over,' so to speak.

John got another MRI/MRA on his shoulder because he found out it was broken. We are hoping that it healed up okay since he found out from the army it was broken 3 months after his first MRI.

We got new phones. John's earpiece went out 3 weeks ago, so he's had to talk to everyone on speakerphone. About the same time, my phone battery started to die after 5 minutes of being fully charged.

Since I've been working, I've had a hard time being motivated to workout by the time dinner and dishes are done. I really want to get back into my habit of working out, so...this past weekend, John and I cooked all our meals for the week and froze them. We just take them out and pop them into the oven, and it has been wonderful! We are also trying not to eat out that much, so it's saving us time, money, and energy at the end of the day. I'd really like to make this a new habit on a Saturday or Sunday. I'll let you know...


Becky said...

Making all your meals and then freezing them is a great idea! I never have motivation to cook and am always trying to think of things to help make getting dinner around easier...now its finding motivation to cook a week's worth of meals :) haha!

Allison said...

I love that you are trying the make and freeze dinner thing. I'm attending a pampered chef party tomorrow night and that is going to be the focus of the night:) I'd love it if you'd post your meal ideas so I can steal them!

Also, I know all about the not working out thing and being extremely pooped after work...I'm going to start running soon too so good luck with your goals :)

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