09 March 2009

update on deployment

You've been asking...I've been begging...I just got this picture tonight of John's battalion's yearbook.  I know what you're thinking..."What a stud!"  

A lot of you have been asking about John's possible deployment and as of now the earliest his company will deploy is in August of 2009.  82nd Airborne Division takes over Afghanistan in June and then will put in a formal request to bring them over.  It takes at least 90 days to process their request, leaving August the earliest deployment date.  If they do deploy, it will most likely be for 6 months, returning with the rest of the battalion in late February/early March.  

Thank you for your prayers.  We don't take for granted the days we get to spend together.  Please continue to pray for the families of those deployed from John's battalion.  


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