16 March 2009


This Saturday my friend, Emily, and I ran in a local 5k St. Paddy's Day run.  Last weekend was 85 degrees but this weekend there was nothing but cold and rain in the forecast.  Determined, we showed up to the event excited that this would hopefully be the first race of many to come.  

Emily is getting married in less than a month, and her soon-to-be husband will deploy 2 weeks after they're married.  I have been trying to run more and, for the first time with running, I like the feeling of putting more miles on my legs being okay.  We both want to enter more races together, especially when our hubbies are gone at times.   

We had a good time and finished within our goal, 28 minutes (9-9.5 min. mile).  We already have three more on the calendar for the next month.  It's the beginning of a beautiful thing.


Becky said...

Congratulations!! :)

rebeccavalentine said...

Nice...I have to run 13 miles in one month....ahhhhh

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