28 March 2009

Bentley and the Bee

This week we watched our friend's, Jim and Emily's dog.  Bentley was a playmate for Chula for the week, and although very different, got along great.  Emily had the opportunity to donate stem cells for a cancer patient who needed a transplant.  We were happy to help, and were sad (especially Chula) to see him go home.  

I was in a staff spelling bee for my district of 88 schools.  About 55 schools were represented with teams of 5.  It was a spelling bee to raise scholarships for seniors, and it was no joke.  We bought into the competition, designed t-shirts, and could buy back into the first 5 rounds for $5 per round.  The words were outrageously difficult (i.e. dossier, anacaphagia,  ichnolite, etc...) A team of 5 of us competed against other staff and tied for third place.  I should mention that about 50 other schools went out at the same time and two schools remained to compete for 1stt & 2nd places.  We had a fun time, although short-lived at that. 

More soon...love, us

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Sarah said...

Hi John and Kristin,

What cute pictures of Chula and Bentley!!!! Thanks so much for taking care of Bentley while Emily and Jim were in Michigan. I know they were concerned about your sanity...and Chula! Glad to know everyone survived.

Kathy (Emily's mom)

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