28 March 2009

Everybody Has Music Inside

Ashley Elementary puts on a dinner theater every year for family and friends, including a salad, fazoli's spaghetti dinner, dessert, and a show.  Each Friday afternoon from 1:15-2:00 we have "clubs," and each club is in charge of a different aspect of the show.  Some examples of clubs are the placemats, decorations, and waitstaff.  I was in charge of the choreography for the chorus/drama club, those who actually put on the show.  A long story short, we had one too many songs for the kids to learn by heart in time for the show, so Beth, the music teacher, talked me into singing one of the songs.  It turned out to be really precious (a little corny) because all the students gathered around me on the edge of the stage as I sang a song called "Sing a Happy Song" (when the world seems like it's fallin' down...lalala)  Here are a few pics.  It was a really cute show, and I know it will be a lasting memory for the kids and me! 

Thanks for your support, honey!

I was showing the kids the dance moves we practiced.  They knocked it out of the park!


DomestiKatie. said...

here are some things i compiled a while ago to help when you're cooking!


hope that helps!

DomestiKatie. said...

oops! i forgot you already read that (and commented on it, hahaha).

DomestiKatie. said...

oo, just remembered another trick i live by. my husband's stepmom is a nutritionist/dietician and taught me this:
make sure to eat a good, healthy breakfast, so your metabolism starts working first thing in the morning, and SNACK ALL DAY. she says to eat something small and healthy (think around 100 calories) every two hours to keep it working all day. lots of small meals are better than 3 large ones, and then you can still have a yummy dinner with john when you guys get home!
so i have a breakfast at 7 (Admittedly not as big as it should be to really get me moving, but at least a piece of fruit and a granola bar or something) and then a small healthy treat every couple of hours, like nuts or dried cranberries or bananas (my favorites!), etc.

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