28 June 2009

John to deploy

Last week John came home with news that he will deploy sooner than later.  He will deploy sometime in August to Afghanistan.  This is sooner than we expected, but we already had planned to visit family for the first 2 weeks of July, which we're both looking forward to.  We ask for your prayers for John, his unit, and myself as we prepare physically and mentally for this transition.  I must be careful about the specifics because people can find a lot online.  We will continue to update information about John's deployment through phone calls and , so feel free to pass the website onto whoever will pray for John.  Thank you for all your support.  We need you!  


Lauren & Cathy said...

Praying for you guys.
Let me know if you have anything specifically you need prayer for.

Thanks for always being there for me.

Becky said...

I will be praying and I'll make sure to let Nate know!

The Power Family said...

I'm here for ya if you need a friend!! Deployments are tough, but that's what us Army wives are for.. to be here for one another and lift each other up!!!

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