30 June 2009

on a lighter note...

I went skydiving!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On June 21st, I turned 25 years old...woo hoo!  I must admit, it was not going to be a hard birthday for me until both my parents told me their 25th was the hardest for them because it was only 5 years away from turning 30!  It was really nice spending my mom's birthday (June 19), Father's Day (June 21), and my birthday with my parents.  They came down to spend time with us for a week.  Thanks for coming guys!  

Oh well, I decided to mark my 25th by going skydiving for the first time.  It was not John's first time jumping out of a perfectly good plane, but it was a first from that high of altitude.  John is used to jumping from about 800 feet.  We climbed and climbed for about 15 minutes, until we reached a whopping 14,000 feet! It was such an amazing feeling, getting ready to free fall for about 60 seconds at 120 mph, then the amazing silence when the parachute opens up (yay, it opened!).  It was such a peaceful ride down and I even got to control the toggles and had a super smooth landing.  Of course it did help that the instructor I went with used to be an Army Golden Knight, the most elite of parachutists in the military.  He had about 13,000 jumps under his belt, so that eased my mind a lot. 

We'll share the video with you soon...I'm trying to upload it onto youtube but I'm kinda slow when it comes to stuff like that.  If you ever get a chance to skydive, do it!  I am hooked...one check off of my bucket list. 

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