24 July 2009

Road Trip!! (Part 2: Michigan)

Most of these shots are of the kiddos.  There are 5 grandbabies, babies, nieces, and nephews, depending on who you are talking to in the family.  It was so much fun to see how they have all changed.  Layla is almost walking, Jordan is talking a lot, Blake is daring as ever.  Lilly is 5 years old and Jack is a little man!  Here's proud Grandpa! 

I took Michigan summers for granted because June, July and August in NC is TOO hot!  This week we enjoyed 70's and some 80's with a great wind that kept the hammock-a-swingin'.  We were outside a lot, whether playing in the pool with the babies, playing washers, swaying in the hammock, or playing with the doggies. 

And then there was Grandpa's tractor...we could not get the kids off of it...they wanted rides every day.  I love that Dad/Grandpa is in the back...what a good sport!

We spent one morning at Nixon Pool, where I worked for 7 years.  Although much has changed, the atmosphere is still great for little ones, even Blake, Jordan, and Layla!...where is Blake?!
These are the only two pictures I took while at Cedar Point.  It was John's first time ever on the biggest and fastest roller coasters America has to offer.  He says his favorites were Millenium Force, the Magnum, and Power Tower.  (The Dragster was down for most of the day, so we'll have to save that for the next trip.)  We had a great time but we couldn't leave until the guys won us a stuffed animal by winning a game.   

So after a week at John's parents' house, we trekked north to Wolverine country for a week to see my fam.  We had a bon fire the last night we were there.  Great company, a fire, and some s'mores will put a smile on anyone's face.  

My project while I was in Michigan was to create a bandana for the dogs with material I found on sale at Jo-Ann's.  The thing that makes these bandanas special is they have a loop for the collar to go through, like a fashion belt, per se.  So with the fabric and an idea I had seen in NC, I started to create a pattern.  After a couple tries, we got the size perfect.  The morning we were supposed to leave for NC I was up early making 8 or so more, of course one for each of the "house dawgs" in Michigan.  



Allison said...

looks like you had a great time! cute pics:)

Lauren & Cathy said...

It was awesome seeing you guys!!
Hope to do it again soon! Thanks for The Los Tres and Ice cream! hehe (:

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