24 August 2009


So, I took a vacation. From cleaning my apartment.  Cooking.  And updating our blog.  

My vacation is over, and my apartment is a mess.  

I got a freelance translating job for a guy who found a rare rosary for his sister.  He found out it came from a Carthusian monastery in Spain and has beads made of rose petals.  He was sent documents in Spanish about the making of the rosary, etc., thus I am now education with the Carthusian Order of Zaragoza, Spain.  It was a really neat job and a reminder I'm really glad I know Spanish.  

John's softball team won 2nd place in the Ft. Bragg league.  He spent a week out in the field, but asked permission from his commander to come back and play in the championship.  So close!  He still got a huge trophy and the unofficial MVP award.  

It was time for me to sing again, so I heard about 2 local competitions and auditioned.  I got to the finals of one and lost the final night:(, but it was a lot of fun to get on stage and sing again.  I'm addicted!  I am still in the other competition, which will last 2 more weeks.  The winner of this one, "Operation Rising Star," wins $500 and the opp to go to the nationals.  The overall winner gets an $18,000 studio experience and a demo cd.  It's fun to think about even though I probably won't make it that far.  

School starts tomorrow.  I'm not as ready as I'd like to be, but thankfully I don't have students until Wednesday.  It is hard to believe this is my 4th year of teaching.  

Hope all is well whoever, wherever is reading this.  Thanks for taking time.  



Becky said...

it sounds like you have had a great summer! :) i hope your first day of school went well!

Cindy said...

25 no way!!!! Sounds like you had a great summer. Your family is growing like crazy all the kids are so cute.
Good Luck in singing and follow that dream. you never know.
Take Care,
Cindy L.

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