10 October 2009

New House Part I

We're moved!!!  John and I are so excited/blessed to have our own place.  We will both be the first to say we won't miss the apartment gate or speed bumps, or living on the first floor with noisy neighbors all around us.  

We're unpacking a little each day.  I'm not in a big hurry, because if/when John is deployed, it will give me something to do on the weekends.  I'm thinking paint chips, organizers, and a new vacuum cleaner (ours bombed out on us last week).  

I can't believe I'm posting these pictures, but it gives me motivation to keep unpacking the boxes and take updated pictures so you can see it clean!  I forgot to take pics of the bonus room, so it will be in the updates.  We'll send out postcards soon with our new address!   

The previous owners did a nice job with the landscaping.  I'd like some rockers for the front porch. 
Screened in back porch with a doggy door.  Chula has been in and out all morning.  She lays in the grass and wags her tail, because she finally has some freedom!

We love our privacy fence, and yard!  Our neighbor peeked over yesterday while John was throwing Chula's ball in his boxers.  He asked what kind of dog Chula was, and all I wanted to say was "Hidey ho, neighbor!"  All you Tool Time fans remember that!?

Kitchen will be the first room clean-we'll keep Chula in here with a baby gate while we're at work. 

Living room 

This is really the formal dining room that we will use as an "office."

Master bed and bath (and walk in closet..yay!)

The soon-to-be nursery

Guest Room 

Guest Bath


Allison said...

very nice! congrats! i especially love the Bible next to the toilet-haha way to bless your bathroom from the very start!:)

breanna said...

You guys!!! This is beautiful!

I am so excited you you!!!
Congrats little family! :)

love, bree

rebeccavalentine said...

Glad you posted the pics. It looks really nice! Congrats, and have fun unpacking :)

Jessica Perry said...

I LOVE your house!! It looks like it will be perfect for you! Congrats on becoming homeowners:) Talk to you soon.

Becky said...

what a beautiful home! :) we're so excited for you and hopefully we'll be able to come and visit sometime! :)

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