10 October 2009

Illinois Visits NC

John's parents and uncle and aunt came to visit us last week.  We were so glad they could come visit before John deploys.  We visited the Airborne Museum, showed them our favorite spots in Fayetteville, sang on American Idol with xbox 360 and relaxed watching some football.  We also carved pumpkins, which was so much fun.  It was Aunt Donna and Uncle Greg's first time carving, and they did a great job! *BTW, I was reading this month's edition of Everyday with Rachael Ray, and one of her tips was to bake pumpkin seeds in butter, cinnamon, & sugar (instead of salt) and they turned out delicioso!!*  Thanks for coming to spend some time with us.  It always means so much for people to make the trip...love you guys!  

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